Concrete Scanning

The use of GPR in construction, inspection and concrete repair has many advantages over older x-ray methods.

GPR is the safest, fastest and most accurate method of locating reinforcing steel, post tensioned / pretensioned cables, metallic & nonmetallic conduit, and other materials in concrete and masonry structures.

With the ability to penetrate up to 18 inches of concrete or masonry, our technicians can map all locations directly on the scanning surface prior to your coring, cutting or drilling operations.

  • More Economical
    GPR gives real-time on-site results so it takes a fraction of the time of x-ray development and processing.

  • Safer
    It uses an electromagnetic radar pulse that has no harmful effects. X-ray processes requires a potentially dangerous radiation source and requires evacuation of adjacent areas.

  • Versatile
    GPR requires access to only one side of concrete slabs to image them. X-ray requires two-sided access so the x-ray film can be placed on the opposite side for exposure. GPR displays real-time 3-D images at your location with proven accuracy.