Concrete X-Ray

Photo of concrete scanningX-Ray for concrete and masonry structures is used when GPR is insufficient to resolve certain questions. Depending on the client need and project conditions, ART will develop the most cost effective solution using X-Ray in conjuction with other methods to ensure accuracy of results.*

Benefits of Concrete / Masonry X-Ray:

  • Accurate rebar size determinations
  • Easily identifies Non-energized plastic conduit
  • Resolves higly congested areas

Let us show you how we can maximize the benefits X-Ray has to offer to your specific needs while minimzing overall costs.

*GPR is used whenever possible to save time and money. X-ray requires the evacuation of surrounding areas (which includes floors 50' above and 50' below) due to radiation safety concerns, and is utilized only when GPR does not produce a precise enough result or when project specifications call for it.