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utility location

Utility Locating - Dig Alert
Using GPR to survey an area before digging ensures that no damage is done to any underground lines including gas and water lines, power lines, waste communications, cable TV, sprinkler manifolds or systems, lighting systems and other buried items.

concrete scanning

Concrete Scanning 
Concrete scanning is effective for locating rebar and other features embedded in concrete. It is an absolute must before cutting, drilling or coring concrete.

post tension cable location

Post Tension Cable Locating
Before you drill, core or cut any slab that might contain post tensioned cables, it is important to accurately determint their location.


concrete x-ray

Concrete X-Ray 
X-Ray is sometimes needed for detailed imaging of features inside concrete, or if specified by the job. X-Ray provides more precise information for congested or high density structures.



ground penetrating radar

Ground penetrating radar offers an accurate, non-destructive solution to mapping underground features. With GPR, it is simple to locate items of interest easily, saving time and costly errors.